Hanging Chair with Stand 'Globo Royal' Weatherproof Green (Green)

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  • 200 kg
  • Weatherproof
  • Green
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Model Hanging Chair with Stand
Color Green
About Tropilex Amazonas
Weight 45.8 kg
Capacity 200 kg
Material Weatherproof
Total height 181 cm
Material Stand Wood (FSC® certified)

Chill like a member of the royal family in the Globo hanging chair

The 'Globo' wooden hanging chair is the perfect place for some serious relaxation. An an added benefit, a Globo is a real eye catcher for your garden!

The Globo has a large, soft cushion that makes it incredibly cosy. The cushion is available in various colors. We stock the Globo in our warehouse in Dedemsvaart, so we can deliver this beautiful wooden hanging chair really quickly.

Globo Hanging Chair or Globo Royal Hanging Chair?

The Globo hanging chair is available in two sizes: the single Globo and the large double Globo Royal.

At HammockGiant.co.uk we don't have a particular preference for single or double. Both the Globo and the Globo Royal are incredibly comfy. as you might expect with their thick, weatherproof cushions.

The advantage of the single Globo is that it only needs one suspension point, which gives you a bit more choice in where you place it. You can also rotate the single Globo, unlike the Globo Royal. The obvious advantage of the Globo Royal is that two of you can chill at the same time.

Dimensions of the single Globo: 121 x 118 x 69 cm
Dimensions of the double Globo Royal: 176 x 118 x 72 cm

Protect your Globo

The Globo Cover was designed to protect the Globo and the cushions. This 100% polyester cover fits perfectly over the hanging chair. It can be ordered separately. It means you can leave the cushions in the hanging chair, instead of having to take them in and out each time.

HammockGiant.com offers a nice discount if you order the cover directly.

Stand for the Globo

The Globo and Globo Royal hanging chairs fit perfectly into the Globo and Globo Royal hanging chair stands. The stand has to be ordered separately, as it's not included in the price of the Globo hanging chair, unless you buy the Globo as a complete hanging chair kit: this is clearly indicated in the product name.

This handmade hanging chair stand designed for the Globo hanging chair is made of impregnated pine. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, this hanging chair stand is stable and safe. All bolts are made of stainless steel.

With this stand, you can sit in your Globo hanging chair or Globo Royal hanging chair virtually anywhere.

The hanging chair stand is available in 2 sizes:

Globo hanging chair stand: Only suitable for the Globo wooden hanging chair.
Globo Royal hanging chair stand: Only suitable for the Globo Royal wooden hanging chair.

Please remember, Globo stands are not suitable for other hanging chairs!


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