Hammock Stand Family 'Larch' Second Chance (Wood)

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  • Stand
  • 414 cm
  • 200 kg
  • Wood (FSC® Mix)
  • Wood
  • Tropilex ®
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Model Hammock Stand Family
Color Wood
Brand Tropilex ®
Charity Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
Weight 31 kg
Packaging 198,5 x 47 x 12 cm
Capacity 200 kg
Material Wood (FSC® Mix)
Total length 414 cm
Total width 155 cm
Total height 160 cm
Material Stand Larch wood (FSC® Mix)
Adjustable Yes (Chain)
Ideal hammock length 360
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Made from sustainable larch

The 'Larch' hammock stand is made of layers of sturdy larch (100% FSC) with galvanised steel fittings. This stand has been designed to perfectly fit the size of our family hammocks. The larch is treated with an oil-based protective coating, which gives the wood a deep, beautiful lustre.

The size of this stand makes it ideal for family hammocks.

The Larch hammock stand differs from the Wood stand in terms of the material and the coating. The 'Larch' is made of durable, water-resistant and very strong larch wood, instead of pine. This type of wood is used for fences, building timber, ship structures: and now for hammock stands too!

The coating is also different. Whereas the Wood stand has a coating to improve its weather resistance, the Larch stand has been given an extra coating to preserve the wood for longer.

You need to know the total length of the hammock, including the ropes, to choose the right stand for your hammock. For example, if the total length is 4 metres, you'll need a stand at least 4 metres long. Nearly all hammock stands have adjustable chains, so you can hang your hammock a little more loosely or tightly.

Size and maximum weight

The 'Larch' hammock stand is available in a single size.

'Larch' wooden hammock stand
Suitable for all family hammocks HammockGiant.co.uk and hammocks with a total length of 360 to 400 cm. The maximum weight it can support is 200 kg.


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